ROLLING STONE How Teen Craze Got Too Big for Pop to Ignore

Even the most famous Musers are taking advantage early of what the platform is capable of. Martin signed with high-powered agency CAA last year, who will represent the singer in all facets of her career.

Martin (“Baby Ariel”) hopes her popularity will lead to an acting career. She already has everything from an anti-bullying platform called the Baby Ariel Movement to her own line of lipsticks. Hofmann singles out Ariel’s fame, comparing the type of attention she gets at public events to Beatlemania.

“My life has changed dramatically,” Ariel says since joining “I’m making videos every single day.”

As grows, the developers and executives are looking for ways to branch out and avoid stagnation. They have launched a second app called Live.lywhere users can livestream their lives and profit off the viewership with a real-time Virtual Gift System that others can donate to. Hofmann sees as shifting significantly in 2017, becoming less of a video-sharing app and more of its own social network.

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