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An in depth interview with Ariel. Topics covered, new original music, living bi-coastal, relationships and more.
RAW: How did the name Baby Ariel come about?
ARIEL: It was actually very random. I was sitting with my friends one day and we downloaded the app Everyone was making screen names and my friend put Queen something or Dancer something. Now I was like, let me just put Baby just for a day. Randomly. No intention of anything. And one day my video got featured and it just stuck with me. And I was going to change it. I hated it at first. But then it stuck. And then I thought, okay, I have to stick with it now.
RAW: What were your first thoughts about the app
 I was definitely confused because all it was was a bunch of people lip syncing. And I was like, okay, this is interesting. So I went on [the app] and tried to change it up a little bit. I put hand motions and facial expressions to make it more interesting. And ever since then, I love it.
RAW: What was it like growing up in South Florida and how’s LA treating you so far?
ARIEL: I know everybody says it but it’s so humid and hot, which sucks. So being here honestly, you think this is a heat thing. This is cool. It’s so nice for me. This is not sweating. People are like, ‘Oh my god, I’m dying’. No! This is good!  Embrace the coldness! The one thing I do love about South Florida, though, is that my entire family is there. My grandparents literally live in the same neighborhood as me. And I drive ten minutes and my cousins, my other grandparents, everybody is in South Florida. It’s super convenient and I love seeing and spending time with them. Home is family, so when I come , it’s more work-oriented.

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